Lost Parents

Our cities are haunted by parents with missing
children, for these there is no rest.

The only awakening from this nightmare is for
the children to be found.

The sounds of mothers' cries can be heard
throughout the nights.

The tears of fathers' sorrows drown out our city

For these parents time stands still, they are not
alive, nor allowed to die.

These lost souls are chained to our cities and
left empty inside.

They roam in the parks and sweep through the
streets, in hopes of finding that special little

The pain that they feel and fears on their faces
are invisible to all others.

Their lives are a living hell without the joy of this

People, hear our cries, help the hurting and

Give to these parents peace of mind and free
them from their chains.

If you don't get involved and say who gives a
damn, then who will help you when your child
needs to be found?

Nancy Flippin