XENET Corporation's Mission Statement for

At XENET Corporation we have a strong sense of family and community involvement. Our goal is not only to help corporations achieve their business goals and objectives but to use our Internet expertise to make a difference in today's global community. Since the Internet is being used in some abduction scenarios, we are committed to using the power of Internet technology to combat an evil menace.

Through our Have U Seen Me website, we are able to work with missing children's agencies to bring to the forefront the frightening and horrific aspect of missing children. If just one child is found, we will have attained our goal.

The XENET Corporation uses the Internet to bring businesses closer together by designing web pages that provide a path for information. The Internet can also bring communities together by providing vital information on missing children.

Denise Fagot and Daniel Spangle are the daughter and grandson of the founders of XENET Corporation. They have been missing since March 1, 1989.