NOTE from Lanie - A prayer and action request for Nebraska---For "Jason's Law"

Got this from my partner and friend, Kelly Jolkowski, mother of missing Jason from Nebraska this morning. Anyone know of anybody in office in Nebraska that can help carry this bill? If not, any and all help, suggestions and prayers are greatly appreciated.

This is so important, y'all. It could affect any of us, at any time. Several states already have this, and now Nebraska needs it too. Please read the article and then do what you can. If anyone needs more information, please feel free to contact Kelly at

Thanks, ahead of time for supporting this ministry. Each one of you is so precious to me in your own way, and I am so humbled to call you friends. As always, if anyone needs prayer, please feel free to contact me.

Blessings in Jesus, Lanie

Help For The Missing

Proud partners of Project Jason and 18 Wheel Angels

Fighting the Good Fight

Just in brief, I am fighting for Jason's Law and it's not going so well. The
people who hold it in their hands did not even care enough to review what
they were voting for. I won't give up, though, and would appreciate all the
prayers I can get. Thank you!


Omaha Newspaper article - Read the Story and please contact your congressman!!!